St. Gabriel’s Centre

St Gabriel’s Church and Community Centre (St Gabby’s)

The Church at St Gabriel’s and its community centre are at the fulcrum of Weoley’s community. People gather at the community centre to practice a wide variety of activities. Locals also meet there to have a coffee and discuss the goings on in the community.

One of the more recent developments at St Gabriel’s is a Tai Chi club that has been running for a few weeks. this is a good chance for people in the community to try something different and improve their health at the same time.

The Karate club has been running longer and teaches all levels and all ages.

Meanwhile there is training available for those who prefer cooking than punching! DevenishGirl Bakery is a company that not only sells delicious cakes but will show you how to make them too.

On Thursday Mornings the centre has a ‘Knit and Knatter’ meeting. People bring their sewing and knitting needles to the centre to enjoy some crossed needles, some conversations and hot mug of coffee and or tea. in fact the knitting is the least important part of thes emeetings. The most important part is teh chance for locals in the community to get to know each other and catch up.

Thursday mornings are busy at the St. Gabriel’s Centre. Soul:food, is a time for families with young children to start the day with breakfast, prayer and conversation. It is not just for those who attend the church. Again, St. Gabriel’s Centre’s main aim is to provide a safe and warm base for people to meet each other and to engender the sense of community that can be lost in our modern, busy lives.

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