Weoley Fish Bar

We went to Weoley Fish Bar on Friday after giving our Tai Chi class at St.Gabby’s. It might sound unusual to have fast food after doing an hour of meditation and gentle martial arts, but it was cold.

They have a real good selection of fast foods at Weoley Fish Bar. We ordered kebabs with chips which was ready after about ten minutes. Not only was the fast food fast, it was also delicious. The kebab meat was nice and crunchy, the chips were big and not too greasy. As prices go it was fairly cheap too. After having already had fish and chips another time, we can say that was really good too.

On top of this the staff were really friendly and seem to be ready to have a laugh with the customers.

We’d really recommend this Take-Away to anyone who likes good old British fare, to wash down a few pints or a tai chi class!


New Mumbai Mix is a restaurant in Weoley castle. This restaurant has great deal of choice in tasty Indian dishes. It also offers a delivery service, supported by;

Impressively this delivery service is free for meals that are priced £10.00 or over.

China Garden

China Garden is a good cheap option if you want some Chinese whilst your watching I’m a Celebrity, or if you are trying to sober up after a night on the lash. I had the Chicken Fried Rice. Fairly standard quality for that dish. But I love Chinese food so it certainly did the job. They also do free home delivery on items over £15, £1 charge if order is under £15. Plus they give free fortune cookies with each order. Mine said, ‘be more adventurous next time you order a Chinese.’


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